Back To One - The Actors' Film & Television Workshop
Comment Corner
"Gil brings a devotion to the craft that has enabled me to utilize his talents on a few different projects. It's always a joy to work with an actor who comes prepared and ready to work".
Ben Younger, Director/Writer
       Boiler Room, Prime
"Gil Deeble is one of the sharpest and most professional actors I've worked with. Any actor can pick up invaluable tips from him as to the ins & outs of film acting".
Tom Malloy, Actor/Writer/Producer
The Alphabet Killers, Love N' Dancing

"The concise and  focused adjustments Gil provides have been very instrumental in my high callback audition and booking rate. I highly recommend his workshop for any level of actor!".

Barry Bradford, Actor
"Safe" with Jason Statham,"Sprite" with Kobe Bryant...

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