Back To One - The Actors' Film & Television Workshop
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BACK TO ONE is an innovative acting workshop that focuses on preparing you, the actor, for the potential auditions and acting jobs you ultimately book through them. We are committed to sharing with you a simple approach to the text, that builds confidence in your ability to make the right character choices based on your script analysis. In doing so, you'll to have more fun with your work and the character development process overall. This will enable you, the experienced or inexperienced actor to show the level of consistency in your work that will make you a more marketable performer.
In our workshops, you'll develop the on camera skills necessary to take with you into the audition. The ability to make quick/decisive choices for a cold reading and much more. Our goal is to have you, the actor, come away feeling assured that the time and work you put into the class was well invested. 
We look forward to you reading more About Us and in helping to meet your goals as an actor!
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